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About Tokyo 2020 Education Programme

The Tokyo 2020 Education Programme “Yoi Don!”

The Tokyo 2020 Education Programme “Yoi Don!” aims to help children grow as they experience and learn the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the power of sports.
We encourage school officials and the boards of education to take part in this programme.

The Tokyo 2020 Education Programme “Yoi Don!” PR Video

School kids attending the "Yoi Don" Programme.
the scene of Flag tour.

The Olympic Games are a chance to see athletes from around the world compete and to learn the importance of striving for one's best as well as friendship and respect through sports. At the Paralympic Games where athletes with various impairments use their ingenuity to challenge their limits, there is appreciation for diversity and every person is given the chance to excel by demonstrating their uniqueness and capabilities. The Paralympic Games are a chance to learn the importance of an inclusive society.

What the Olympic and Paralympic education teaches (Legacy)

The success of the Tokyo 2020 Games will leave behind lasting benefits for Japan and the world in various areas not limited to sports.
The Tokyo 2020 Games education programme Yoi Don! fosters three major legacies in children whose shoulders the future rests.

Confidence and courage

To develop talents who are not afraid of failure and are able to take action with confidence and courage as they face the future.

Example: In seeing athletes compete and take part in the sport, the lessons inspire students to try and they, in turn, take on subjects they found difficult or actively voice their thoughts.

Appreciation for diversity

To understand that there are various differences among people such as impairments, ethnicity and language, and to develop the ability to connect as well as to help and support one another.

Example: Students who did not know how to interact with schoolmates who have an impairment or are of a different ethnicity find an opportunity to understand each other through the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Active and proactive participation in society

The Tokyo 2020 Games serve as an opportunity to develop talents that are interested in the activities of global and local communities and are capable of active and proactive social participation.

Example: An increase in the number of classes with a global perspective and opportunities to use foreign language, providing more chances to interact with other countries and for cities to connect with one another even after the Games.

scene of two students playing with basketball
school kid running at the sports class.