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Be part of the “Yoi, Don! School”

teacher explaining the Games. commemorative photo of programme certification.

School authorization in the Tokyo 2020 Education Programme is a system where the Organising Committee authorizes educational entities of schools that engage in the Tokyo 2020 Education Programme as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Education School (known as the Yoi Don! School).

Target entities for Authorization

  1. 1. Entities operated by the following schools located in Japan
    Kindergartens, accredited children's centres with childcare and kindergarten, elementary school, lower secondary school, compulsory education schools, secondary school, upper secondary school, schools for special needs education, upper secondary courses (upper secondary-level specialized training schools) and accredited international schools
  2. 2. Entities operated by Japanese schools located outside of Japan (includes private educational institutions abroad)
Number of authorized schools