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Tokyo 2020 Mascots voting

For the first time in the history of the Games, the voting of the Olympic and Paralympic Mascots was done by primary schoolchildren. Schools from all around Japan joined the voting and the result was finally announced on Wednesday, 28 February 2018!

Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots
What is Mascots voting?

In selecting the Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots, we have initiated voting by primary school students across the country - a first in the history of the Games. This was a valuable chance for the children to get directly involved with the 2020 Games. We hope that through casting the votes, more schools will participate in the Games education programme in the future.

Tokyo 2020 convention Mascot Elementary school student voting result announcement!
Voting reflection movie (English subtitles available)


  1. 1. Elementary schools
  2. 2. Compulsory education schools
  3. 3. Special needs elementary schools
  4. 4. International schools accredited by the prefecture (elementary level)
  5. 5. Japanese schools and Japanese supplementary schools abroad (elementary level) and private educational institutions abroad
  6. 6. Private organisations such as learning support centres and free schools (elementary level) established for children who do not go to schools, and unaccredited international schools

The Mascots Voting Flow

1. Preliminary registration period (20 November 2017 – 22 February 2018)

Based on the information on the postcard, primary schools and other participating schools around Japan completed preliminary registrations on the voting website.

2. Announcement of the candidates (7 December 2017)

We have presented the three final candidates of the Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots. At the showcase of the final candidates held at the Shibuya Ward Kaketsuka Primary School, children's cheers broke out around the venue as they counted down to unveil the Mascot designs. They then immediately started talking excitedly with friends about which one they would choose.

Group photo of elementary school students at Shibuya ward when selected Tokyo 2020 Mascots were unveiled on 28 February 2018.

3. Discussion as a class (Come to a consensus)

Each class discussed which design to choose and, collectively, decided on one.
To help learn the Olympic and Paralympic Principles and the meaning of the Mascots as a class, we have prepared a lesson plan for teachers and reference materials.

Mascot lesson plan (Available in Japanese only) (PDF 753.9KB)
Mascot reference materials (Available in Japanese only) (PDF 1.6MB)

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4. Voting (11 December 2017 ­ ~ 22 February 2018)

A representative from the schools entered the results of voting from each class on the voting website.

5. Announcement of the result (Wednesday 28 February 2018)

We are planning visits by the Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots to select schools after August 2018.

Voting Rewards
List of municipalities that have made
the Mascots voting declaration