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Olympic and Paralympic Textbook

About the Olympic and Paralympic Textbook

The Olympic and Paralympic Textbook was created for students to learn not only about sports but also Japanese traditions and global manners through the Games. Please make use of them as there are elementary school, lower secondary school and upper secondary school editions with the contents adapted to each age group. The following are excerpts from each teaching material.

school edition

Winning and fair play

Nadeshiko Japan, the women's football team in Japan, raising the winning trophy that they won as a first prize.

In 2011, Nadeshiko Japan won the Women's Football World Cup and also received the Fair Play Award. The Fair Play Award winner is selected based on the number of fouls and the manner of the athletes in the matches. Nadeshiko Japan had few fouls and did not protest against referees' calls. In addition to having a high level of abilities, the mind set to never take part in dangerous play led to the victory and the Fair Play Award. (From page 31 in the elementary school edition)

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